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Why Choose Us?

We Help You Build A Better Relationship With Your Dog! We Help You Understand Your Dog!

We Train As A Husband And Wife Team! So You Get The Benefit Of Working With Two Trainers! 

Dogs Are Like People And Just As Each Person Learns Different So Does Each Dog, So We Cater Our Style To Your Dog!

"We help you turn around your dog!"

Do you wish your dog was well behaved?
Do you know your dog can be good but you're not sure how to get the results you want? 
Get the training where you need it!
Check out our                           for options!
We help you solve your dogs behaviors!
We customize a training plan tailored to you and your dog!
Get your dog to listen to you anywhere!
Let us help you get the real results you've always wanted for your bestfriend!

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Located in Basehor Kansas and serving the Greater Kansas City area

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