Dog Training Leavenworth
  • Combined over 30+ years of experience working with all breeds and ages of dogs and helping people solve behavior issues.
  • We understand dog body language and behavior.
  • Working at the animal shelters we evaluated dogs' behaviors and taught obedience and agility classes. We also worked with the difficult dogs that were aggressive and we had to earn their trust before we could touch them.
  • We train all dogs! No dog is too small; too big; too young; or too old for us to help you with.
  • We work with aggressive dogs as well as fearful dogs. We help you with your dog no matter the temperament of your dog. 
  • Do you have a fearful dog? Call us today!
  • Is your dog very protective of you or his/her belongings? Call us today! 
  • "Rescue the brain and the dog"
Our background and hands on experience will enable us to help you with  your dog no matter what the problem your facing. We can work with any dog.

We want to help dogs stay out of the shelter by helping their owners solve their dogs behaviors before that is even a thought!

Referrals available upon request from previous clients.

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Aggressive Dog Training

Pete working with Solana who was a fear aggressive dog and wanted to bite us the first week. After 3 sessions we were both able to walk and pet Solana without her trying to bite us!