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Study Camp Programs at Turn Around Dogs House

Study Camp Board and Train Programs - 2, 3 and 4-week programs available.

Our Board and Train program is the best value to achieving your goal of the well-behaved dog you want!  During the board and train your dog stays and trains with us in our home in Basehor and becomes part of our pack!  We will care for and treat them like they are our own dogs!  Let us help you improve your dog's obedience and manners.   We work on teaching your dog how to focus on you and learn what you want from them.  Your dog will stay with us for 2-4 weeks depending on the program you sign up for.

2 week Board and Trains are for dogs that just need basic obedience and manners, this is a quick start to commands and is a great way to start your puppy off right.  Dogs that have specific behaviors that need worked on will need 3-4 weeks or a custom package.

Some of the things we work on with your dog are:




come when called

place or bed command

polite greetings

threshold training-not running out open doors

structured walking where your dog learns to walk with a loose leash

without pulling, also we will teach the dog to focus on us the handler as we walk

and not on the distractions

and your specific goals.

Your dog will learn obedience inside as well as outside and on field trips to the park or other public areas.

We know you will miss your dog and want to know how they are doing so we will send pictures and video updates to you as well as post them to social media to document progress.  You get 2 follow up in home training sessions after the study camp is completed.  

Your dog will return to you trained like you wanted them.

2 week Study Camp Board & Train = $1,100

3 week Study Camp Board & Train =$1,500

4 week Study Camp Board & Train =$1,900

Mix and Match Private Sessions and Study Camp Board and Train

Want to mix and match our programs?  We offer that option.  That gives your dog a chance to meet us and build a relationship and comfort with us before they come and Stay and Train with us. 

2 private sessions before the study camp board and train, then the study camp board and train and unlimited follow ups after the training is completed.

2 private sessions add $150 to board and train price.  Discount of $50 for mixing and matching private sessions and study camp.

Customized packages available as well! 

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