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Dog Obedience Training

Meet Amber

I have had dogs all my life and always knew I wanted to work in the animal field. I have worked with dogs since 2005.  I have worked at an animal hospital, a boarding kennel, and animal shelters.
My first dog, Jasmine a border collie mix , taught me that I wanted to work with animals after I completed an obedience class and later took an  agility class with her.

After working in animal shelters, I saw many dogs get surrendered for common behavior issues.  I wanted to become a dog trainer and work with dog behaviors so I could help owners solve these common behaviors to keep their dogs in their homes.

I rescued Toto my cairn terrier, from a puppy mill. She spent the first 18 months of her life as a breeding dog and was confined to a cage. She taught me how rewarding it was to work with and rehab a fearful, skittish dog and help them learn to trust and be confident when in the home and when going out in the world. 

My current pack brings me so much joy and I love teaching them new things and occasionally bringing them with me to help you and your dog.

We offer private consultations, private in-home training, day training, and structured outings.

"We help you turn around your dog."
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