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Dog trainer in Lawrence

Meet Pete

I have had dogs all my life and always knew I wanted to work in the animal field and have done so since I was 15. I started working at an animal hospital in high school, and have worked at animal hospitals, a boarding kennel, a dog training kennel, and animal shelters.
I showed in agility, obedience trials, and hunt tests with Jessie, a yellow lab who was my first dog. She is the reason I am in the dog world and she taught me so much.
Working at animal shelters, I realized my passion for helping animals in need and helping solve their behaviors. I learned to train them so they don't end up in shelters. Working at these places I got to see and work with a ton of different dogs. I have seen all kinds of personalities and behaviors they put forth or exhibit.  Working with dogs and training them made me realize I really love training and helping owners solve their dog's behavior issues so they can live in harmony together. 

I really enjoy my current pack and teaching them new things and occasionally bringing them with me to help you and your dog.

We offer private consultations, private in-home training, day train, and structured outings.

"Rescue the brain and the dog" 

We help you turn around your dog."
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