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We come to you so your dog learns the behaviors at your house.

Private in home training where we come to you and help you teach behaviors you want and how to stop behaviors you don't want at your house. We provide obedience training as well as work to correct unwanted behaviors such as leash pulling, barking, aggression, and many more. We also work with dogs displaying fearfulness in your home. We also help you train your dog in public areas like the park, and other places you may want your dog to listen to you in.

2 Session Package $200

Does your dog already behave except for one or two things?  Did you just get a puppy?  If so then our 2-session package is a great option!

Maybe your dog already knows the basics and you just want to polish up a few things!  Maybe you just got a new puppy and want some help with the transition of bringing your puppy home and working on crate training and potty training!  If so, then we can do 2 sessions to help you polish up your dog's behaviors or get a great start to raising a puppy and working through those puppy behaviors.

4 Session Package $400

Does your dog just need some Obedience Training and a few problems addressed? Our 4-session package should be the right option for you! Some things your dog will learn are sit, lay down, to focus on you, stay, greeting people and dogs politely, come when called, leash walking manners, as well as other things you want your dog to know or stop doing.  Email or text us to get a phone consultation scheduled.

Aggressive or Behavior Modification Package

If your dog is Aggressive or needs some behavior modifications then we need to do a consultation and then we can customize a package and price for you.

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