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Dogs and Houseguest Etiquette

Obi doing Place perfect!

John and Nancy are coming over. What should we do with the dogs?

This question pops up in households, all across the country, all the time.

Honey do you think the dogs will jump all over them? Maybe, but John and Nancy like dogs it will be fine...

Instead, what we two legged human creatures can do and should do is manage the big event! Use this as an opportunity to get together with friends and hold a mini training session. Training your dogs this way will allow your friends and family to enjoy get togethers at your home and come over more often. A lot of family members and friends do not spend time with each other because of our beloved canines. This is a common complaint that we hear all the time.

Let’s talk about one easy exercise we pet owners can do. Folks it’s not rocket science, but it will take commitment and patience. We do promise it will be so worth it and your friends, family and most especially your dogs will thank you for it.

This is what happens across the country and maybe even in your house...The Doorbell Rings- Your beloved four-legged best friends go into crazy mode acting like they are possessed! They might even act like the devil himself rang the doorbell and is on the other side of the door. The dogs are telling you, “Mom, Dad, the world is ending, hurry and open the door, OPEN THE DOOR! You say No! No! No! It sounds like a new top 40 favorite song. You say sit, sit, sit! Your temperature continues to rise, while meanwhile John and Nancy are on the other side of the door waiting in the cold with their side dish and bottle of wine.

Let’s do this instead! Let’s try an exercise in patience grasshopper.

1) Teach your dog to go to a certain spot for this doorbell routine. It can be a rug, dog bed, a corner of the room or any other area you choose. Keep this spot away from the door as this will make it easier and will cause less over stimulation at the door. You will pick a command like go to your dog bed or rug. You say the command and lead them that direction and when they get a paw or two on the spot, provide huge praise, love and treats! Pets love treats. Make it a huge deal like it’s your daughters first birthday!! You keep doing this same routine until we get all four paws on the dog bed or rug. You then progress to a sit on their spot; then a stay; then a down stay and so on but be consistent!

2) You got the stay on the rug or dog bed down and you are so proud of your best friends work. You feel like an amazing team. You add distractions to the mix. You add the doorbell ringing. A family member continually ringing the doorbell while you stay with your dog to encourage the stay.

3) Now it’s time to add a person who doesn’t live in the house. A friend or family member and you do your real time training at the door. Doorbell rings you send your dog or dogs to their spots and give your stay command. You go to the door and let your guests inside and your dogs are staying on their beds until you tell them they can get up and greet the guests. That’s another training session!! Woohoo!! You and your dog have accomplished the bed spot exercise!!!

You just trained your dog to be the coolest dog on the block!

Patience, Practice, Commitment you got this!

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